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This is a blogumentatry project that is following the construction and development of the building complex planned for 300 George Street, Brisbane, with the aim of capturing the history from demolition of the old court building to the final completion of the three new towers.
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Time lapse videos for all of April

W Hotel curved window installation

Updates between 24th of July and 28th of July

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North Quay crane extended, new number 25 painted on the elevator shaft

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Cranes shooting rainbows over Brisbane

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Updates between 7th of August and 11th of August

Here's another update from Bernard for the last week.

7 August -
- L24 on hotel: reinforcing being laid to SW, formwork to N
- hotel core has jacked up to reveal L27
- more scaffolding going up around the S side of the office tower


8 August -
- hotel L24: reinforcing being laid to SW, formwork looks done to N
- office: scaffolding around S side
- res: not much visible happening
- lots of what looks like formwork shutters in the podium area, no idea what they're for


9 August -
- hotel: nearly finished laying reinforcing SW of L24, starting on N
- office: still scaffolding the S perimeter, some large metal cages being craned over, no idea what they are
- res: not much visible up top
- materials (pipes, insulation, etc) being craned in to loading platforms that extend from SE corner of podium area. This will be for the continuing internal fitout of the lower floors (some of this is visible from the street)


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Mon Aug 14 23:06:22 2017
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Updates between 31st of July and 4th of August

31 July -
- hotel core now showing Level 26
- L23 slab formwork on SW side, starting to build forms for blade columns for L22 to N
- reinforcing and post-tensioning ducts being laid to S side of office tower
- still laying reinforcing and post-tensioning ducts to NW side of res tower


1 August -
- building L23 formwork for the hotel
- still laying reinforcing & post-tensioning ducts for the office tower
- putting some walls below the slab level just south of the office core
- the NW side of the res tower slab has been poured


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Tue Aug 8 14:55:12 2017
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Time lapse videos for all of April

These are time lapses that Bernard created for all of April. Enjoy!

31 March - 7 April

7 - 14 April

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Sun Aug 6 17:39:48 2017
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W Hotel curved window installation

Those W Hotel curved windows look amazing from the ground level. When I first saw them I thought they surely must be a single piece installs but I was wrong. Each curved window is made up of about 7 separate facets. Here are some pictures and a time lapse video of their installation.


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Thu Aug 3 21:51:17 2017
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