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300 George Street
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This is a blogumentatry project that is following the construction and development of the building complex planned for 300 George Street, Brisbane, with the aim of capturing the history from demolition of the old court building to the final completion of the three new towers.
300 George Street Brisbane is the site for Brisbane Quarter and W Hotel, Brisbane.
This blog is in no way affiliated with the developer, leasing agents or any businesses planned to operate at 300 George Street Brisbane.

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There's vertical movement on the hotel lift core and lots of concrete being poured

Lots of updates this week. Also starting this week I am going to be trying to consolidate updates more rather than posting daily statuses. Thanks to Bernard for the updates and all the photos!
- We have movement! The jacking form for the hotel lift core has climbed a level, following the concrete pour last week
- The foundation pit for the res tower has been almost completely filled with reinforcing bars! That's going to be one massive foundation, a slab of reinforced concrete about two metres thick.
- the foundation socket for the near (SE) pillar for the res tower has been dug out
- reinforcing mesh is in place to pour the Basement 6 slab in the NW corner, between the hotel lift core and the pit boundary.


you can see guys working *inside* the reinforcing cage being built in the res tower foundation, which gives an idea of how thick that foundation slab is going to be!


- You can see clearly where the shaft walk are going to be for the res tower lift core, by the protective caps on the rebar that's sticking up.
- I have no idea what the hoses/cables/whatever are that are snaking all over the place in the NW corner. They appear to be below the reinforcing mesh.
- gravel being placed in preparation for pouring the Basement 7 slab in the NE corner
- formwork continuing to go up for the commercial tower lift core and the Basement 6 slab


- pouring the Basement 6 slab in the NW corner.



Thu Feb 4 22:55:43 2016
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