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300 George Street
Brisbane, Australia
This is a blogumentatry project that is following the construction and development of the building complex planned for 300 George Street, Brisbane, with the aim of capturing the history from demolition of the old court building to the final completion of the three new towers.
300 George Street Brisbane is the site for Brisbane Quarter and W Hotel, Brisbane.
This blog is in no way affiliated with the developer, leasing agents or any businesses planned to operate at 300 George Street Brisbane.

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Updates between 23rd and 27th of May

Good progress for last week at the site. Check out the more detailed updates from Bernard below.

24 May -
- nearly ready to pour slab around commercial core - formwork is in place for the whole level, but reinforcing only placed on North and West sides of core
- still lots of scaffolding and formwork going up around the hotel core. Some columns on the southwest side of the core have had two or three layers poured (they support the formwork with timber strapped to the previously poured section of column). There's obviously going to be a lot of headroom in this area!
- still doing backfilling around the res core. Some concrete being poured today on the far side with a green boom. Perhaps they're closing the access gap where the stairs used to be?


25 May -
- pouring the Basement 4 slab on North & west of commercial core
- prep for SW slab next to it (reinforcing in place)
- pouring a part of Basement 1 in the NE corner of the hotel area, next to Ann St
- some of the columns in the porte cochere area are now quite tall!
- scaffolding and formwork still going up
- reinforcing being placed for the podium area fire stair
- not sure what's going on around the res core, perhaps some backfilling on the far side. Looks like a couple of column foundation pits have been dug out in the far SW corner.


27 May -
- lots of tall columns SW of the hotel core now!
- reinforcing is being laid for the last bits of the Basement 1 slab near the hotel core
- the hotel core has been jacked up another level since Wednesday's photo. Not sure when that happened!
- another section of Basement 4 was poured SW of the commercial core this morning, with reinforcing being placed for the eastern section
- Basement 3 formwork starting to go up
- personnel lift fitted inside the commercial core (I think that went in today, will have to check the time lapse)
- reinforcing placed for the fire stair in the podium area
- excess spoil has been lifted out with small skips over the past week, with a forklift dumping them into a truck (slower even than the long arm excavator)
- work continuing around the res core. I have no idea how long it will be until it's ready to start climbing.



Mon May 30 14:16:53 2016
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