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300 George Street
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This is a blogumentatry project that is following the construction and development of the building complex planned for 300 George Street, Brisbane, with the aim of capturing the history from demolition of the old court building to the final completion of the three new towers.
300 George Street Brisbane is the site for Brisbane Quarter and W Hotel, Brisbane.
This blog is in no way affiliated with the developer, leasing agents or any businesses planned to operate at 300 George Street Brisbane.

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December 2017 updates

This is the first monthly update and a new format for each post. I've taken a bunch of photos from around the site during the month and Bernard has taken his usual high rise photos looking down on the site. There's a more detailed update from Bernard below too.

The most notable changes around the site have been the addition of cladding around the bottom of the hotel tower and the start of the hotel crown being put together. I've also noticed that the retail levels are being kitted out with escalators, the balconies have glass railings in place and there appears to be lots of work going on on the inside of the building.

Onto the photos…

IMG_0066.jpg IMG_0186.jpg IMG_0187.jpg

IMG_0188.jpg IMG_0189.jpg IMG_0190.jpg

IMG_0191.jpg IMG_0193.jpg DSC03240.JPG

Updates from Bernard…
21 December 2017 -

- hotel: more cladding. The facade screen around the podium levels facing Ann St is being installed, though that's not visible from here
- office: reinforcing mesh laid out on the blue formwork. Some concrete has been pumped today, don't know where to.

19 December 2017 -

- hotel: more scaffolding has been erected on the roof. Cladding work continuing.
- office: looks like the blue formwork is being fastened to the steel beams beneath. Some reinforcing mesh is sitting on top ready to be laid. I guess there will be no need for post-tensioning of the slab with the steel structure supporting it.
- glass is being fitted to the skylight between the hotel and res towers.
- fill is being placed on the ground level slab south of the podium, along Adelaide St. I presume this will be paved over, like the areas near the SE & SW corners.
- more glazing being installed to the podium facade along George St.

18 December 2017 -

- hotel: building scaffolding on top. Cladding work continues.
- office: still lots of blue formwork, some work around the South side of the lift core.
- more glazing being installed to the podium level near the George & Adelaide corner.

14 December 2017 -

- the blue formwork for the northern half of the office tower looks done.
- cladding has been fitted to the steel structure assembled on the podium level between the hotel and res towers.

12 December 2017 -

- hotel: some work going on up the top
- office: lots of formwork laid out on the steel beams, some work on the lift core
- more podium facade work at the corner of George & Adelaide

11 December 2017 -

Street level, they're starting to install the glass facade to the corner of Adelaide & George.

- hotel: cladding is creeping upward. Safety railings surround the top, but can't see what's going on.
- office: blue formwork everywhere! Sitting on top of the structural steel frame, this will have concrete poured on top for a floor slab.

6 December 2017 -

- hotel: can't see what's going on other than the cladding
- office: steel framing has covered the entire northern end of the floor. I think this is a mezzanine floor in the plant room level, but not sure.
- the plastic sheeting over the skylight has been removed, and a steel frame installed
- the slab along the Adelaide St boundary has been poured

5 December 2017 -

- hotel: work continuing on cladding. Roof structure visible on N Quay side over entrance
- office: more steel beams for floors between steel columns
- still laying reinforcing along Adelaide St frontage. Roof structure visible next to Res tower, another large steel frame being assembled, don't know where that one is going.

4 December 2017 -

Some serious rain approaching…

The site looks closed today, anyway.

- hotel: lots for cladding up, some steel posts & girts up on the top of the lift core.
- office: a couple more steel columns in place
- looks like a large steel roof structure has been assembled down on the podium level. The are also what look like the large cooling fans (or at least the shrouds) sitting near the skylight just on the other side of the office tower. Ringing has been placed over the formwork along the Adelaide St side at ground level.

IMG_20171204_111835.jpg IMG_20171205_121426.jpg IMG_20171205_121437.jpg

IMG_20171206_151612.jpg IMG_20171211_142553.jpg IMG_20171212_121339.jpg

IMG_20171212_121347.jpg IMG_20171214_124014.jpg IMG_20171218_095940.jpg

IMG_20171218_100451.jpg IMG_20171218_103517.jpg IMG_20171221_120940.jpg


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