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300 George Street
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This is a blogumentatry project that is following the construction and development of the building complex planned for 300 George Street, Brisbane, with the aim of capturing the history from demolition of the old court building to the final completion of the three new towers.
300 George Street Brisbane is the site for Brisbane Quarter and W Hotel, Brisbane.
This blog is in no way affiliated with the developer, leasing agents or any businesses planned to operate at 300 George Street Brisbane.

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February 2018 Updates

February's update isn't as big as January. Overall the most visible progress has been made on the W Hotel tower. The curved glass side is almost fully sealed in and all the decorative cladding is almost across the whole building. There is a huge way to go until it's complete though!

There's been a fair amount of night time work going on too…

DSC03646.JPG DSC03647.JPG

It's a regular sight now to see work going on after 5pm on the lower levels…

IMG_0390.jpg IMG_0467.jpg

Overall it's very much a construction site still…

DSC03607.JPG IMG_0468.jpg

The residential tower construction still hasn't resumed.

Here are updates from Bernard for the past month…
1 February 2018 -

- office: more blue formwork being laid. Reinforcing being installed for the next level of the core. Formwork shutters for the southern wall have been closed, looks just about ready to pour concrete

6 February 2018 -

- hotel: cladding is mostly complete on the eastern walls. Glazing installed up to L32, only one level to go.
- office: pouring core walls. Steel beams for the second steel-framed floor going up on the north of the core. Blue formwork being installed on the east side of the core for the first steel-framed level.

7 February 2018 -

- hotel: jib crane installed on roof. Work continuing on cladding.
- office: more steel beams installed to the north, formwork nearly finished for east & west sides

8 February 2018 -

- hotel: work continuing on the roof. As least part of the L33 glazing has been installed.
- office: northern half of the core has jacked up. More steel floor beams being installed.

13 February 2018 -

- hotel: the construction lift has been removed from the southern side of the lift core. Perhaps the internal lifts have been installed? I think there's still a personnel lift on the western (North Quay) side, but can't really tell from here. Work still happening on the roof.
- office: pouring another level of the core. Lots of blue formwork North of the core

15 February 2018 -

- hotel: looks like some glazing being fitted over the lift core openings on the south side where the personnel lift used to be
- office: pouring the slab between the core and the South wall. Pouring the southern half of the core.

20 February 2018 -

- hotel: protective film has been removed from the cladding on the eastern walls, revealing the pattern on the cladding.
- office: core has jacked up since last week. Reinforcing being laid on blue formwork to North of core. Steel framework being installed for last bit of floor to SE of core. Formwork nearly complete for next level of slab between core and South wall.

21 February 2018 -

- hotel: work underway on cladding right at the top. Maybe starting to remove the support bracing for the platform towers, so the final panels can be fitted as the towers are removed.
- office: northern slab has been poured. Formwork finished in SE corner.

22 February 2018 -

- hotel: part of the northern tier for installing cladding on the eastern walls has been removed
- office: pouring on the northern core section. Installing reinforcing to the southern core. Laying reinforcing between core & S wall, and on slab formwork at SE.

28 February 2018 -

- hotel: looks like the cladding on the southern side is black, now the protective film has been removed. Not much else to see from the outside, unfortunately.
- office: the concrete pump arm has been moved from the lift core down to the slab - possibly temporary, looks like the arm base has been moved to the southern half of the core.
- the crane on the southern side of the office tower has jacked up, and has a bracing arm connecting it to the tower.

…and some photos to go along with them…

IMG_20180201_120515.jpg IMG_20180206_130906.jpg IMG_20180207_122410.jpg

IMG_20180207_122418.jpg IMG_20180208_120709.jpg IMG_20180213_115538.jpg

PANO_20180215_121209.jpg PANO_20180228_120614.jpg


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