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This is a blogumentatry project that is following the construction and development of the building complex planned for 300 George Street, Brisbane, with the aim of capturing the history from demolition of the old court building to the final completion of the three new towers.
300 George Street Brisbane is the site for Brisbane Quarter and W Hotel, Brisbane.
This blog is in no way affiliated with the developer, leasing agents or any businesses planned to operate at 300 George Street Brisbane.

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March 2018 Updates

March had a few interesting developments. The North Quay side crane was removed from the W Hotel part of the construction site. That stretch of the road was closed for the duration of this operation.

DSC03678.JPG DSC03680.JPG

Which lasted into the night too.

Then there was the PR failure on the W Hotel site announcing that the hotel was opening on the 15th of March. Of course this didn't happen.

I had an earlier post about this which I was contacted about by Multiplex. They were not happy with what was written, so in good faith I took it down until they provided further information to clarify the dates. After several initial emails going back and forth Multiplex agreed to provide a statement but then went completely silent. After several attempts to reach back out to them, all my emails went ignored and unanswered. So…I have nothing further to add here as I can only go on what information I see online and what I can see happening at the site as a casual observer.

On the George Street side of the construction, the concrete around the base of the building was started to be put down.

The cladding around the retail sections was coming along nicely.

IMG_0477.jpg IMG_0478.jpg IMG_0479.jpg

The hotel is close to being finished on the outside.

IMG_0482.jpg IMG_0485.jpg

Now to updates from Bernard…
1 March 2018 -

- hotel: the crane on the North Quay side has been lowered quite a bit (hard to see the to of the boom just poking past the left side of the building at the horizon). I presume more will be removed over the weekend. The second cladding gantry tower is being removed from the east wall. Cladding still to be installed on the south side of the lift core.
- office: formwork being installed between the core & S wall. You can just see some curtain wall support framing below the safety cages around the east side of the tower.

5 March 2018 -

- hotel: not much to see - cladding being finished for angled wall SW of core, but no sign of cladding being installed on the S side of the lift core. I've heard the hotel opening has been pushed back to June, now.
- office: formwork ready for SE floor slab. Looks like the core has climbed again - progressing pretty quickly now.

8 March 2018 -

- hotel: still no sign of cladding being installed on the south side of the lift core
- office: steel support beams for the next floor starting to go in. Reinforcing mesh being laid on the SE section of formwork.
- just out of frame in the bottom left on the corner of George & Adelaide, it looks like the footpath & kerb is being constructed (signposts, kerb & channel, services pits, etc)

14 March 2018 -

- hotel: gantry tower has been built halfway up the southern side of the lift core. Workers currently sealing around the glazing
- office: lots of blue formwork installed since last week. I presume the concrete pour for this slab will also fill the steel columns that have reinforcing poking out (perhaps some have already been filled? Hard to see).
- looks like a sealant is being applied to the slab beneath the crane support frame.

15 March 2018 -

- concrete poured for the northern part of the office for slab.

20 March 2018 -

- hotel: gantry tower for cladding the south face of the lift core is almost all the way to the top. The rest of it is starting to look complete on the outside, still a bit of work to do around the roof.
- office: new steel columns installed, a lot of formwork structure for the northern part already complete. Since last Thursday, the southern half of the core has climbed one level, the northern half two levels.

21 March 2018 -

- hotel: no visible changes from this side
- office: more formwork structure in place. South half of the core has jacked up a level. Reinforcing being placed for the next level of the core.

22 March 2018 -

- hotel: starting to see the grey undercoat and mounting brackets for cladding appear on the S side of the lift core
- office: formwork build continues. More steel beams ready for the last bit of the floor. Ringing being installed for the S wall (you can see the reo cage the guys are currently building

26 March 2018 -

- hotel: undercoat finished for the S wall of the lift core
- office: northern part of the slab poured, steel beams going up for the next level already. Pouring another level of the core.

27 March 2018 -

- hotel: cladding mounting brackets nearly all the way to the top. I noticed this morning that the cladding on the north side is nearly complete.
- office: SE slab poured, more blue formwork placed for the next level. The S wall formwork has been jacked up another level, ready for placement of reinforcing.

28 March 2018 -

- office: more formwork and steel beams installed. N core has jacked up a level.


IMG_20180320_121335.jpg IMG_20180321_120547.jpg IMG_20180322_120621.jpg

IMG_20180326_130226.jpg IMG_20180327_140205.jpg IMG_20180328_120259.jpg

Enjoy! If you have any information to share about the site, please feel free to send it in, the email address is listed at the top of this page.


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