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300 George Street
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This is a blogumentatry project that is following the construction and development of the building complex planned for 300 George Street, Brisbane, with the aim of capturing the history from demolition of the old court building to the final completion of the three new towers.
300 George Street Brisbane is the site for Brisbane Quarter and W Hotel, Brisbane.
This blog is in no way affiliated with the developer, leasing agents or any businesses planned to operate at 300 George Street Brisbane.

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April 2018 Updates

April has brought the W Hotel tower to closer completion as seen from the outside. The decorative cladding on either side of the building was put in and plants were delivered to the site and moved into place.

DSC03835.JPG DSC03922.JPG

Looks like deliveries to the site are being made already.

An anonymous source has provided some interesting updates on the timelines for the hotel operations -
- The hotel operator moved in to the offices in February and have begun their operations.
- Formal testing of the rooms will commence April with some test guests.
- Opening of the Hotel to Public is 1st June 2018

On the other side of the building, the pedestrian walkway on George Street has been reopened. The commercial tower is definitely shaping up now.

IMG_0617.jpg IMG_0615.jpg

Some photos from the George Street side of the construction…

IMG_0627.jpg IMG_0628.jpg IMG_0629.jpg

I've also found out some other interesting information about the site…
The break-in never got resolved and the damage to the machines and several vending machines had to be borne by the project.

The night works are typically infrastructure works by the authorities, particularly Energex, Telstra and APA gas. This gets done prior to completing the landscape hard pavement of temporary workzones for future stages. The mast climbers are used to complete the cladding to the hotel at night due to safety considerations.

Something to keep in mind, there is 3 key stages to the development, Hotel (stage 1), Office Tower (Stage 3 but underway before Stage 2) and Stage 2 Residential (commencing short term). The external landscape works and podium works will follow this staging and will not be 100% complete due the need for ongoing work zones to support the construction activity.

Now to updates from Bernard…
4 April 2018 -

Not much outside work happening today, due to the weather. Formwork around the office core has expanded a little since last week, the southern side of the core has jacked up to match the northern side.

10 April 2018 -

- office: pouring part of the 5th steel-supported slab. Steelwork going up for the 6th. Looks like the core has climbed a level or two since last Wednesday.
- a new grey layer has been painted on top of the slab beneath the crane support South of the office tower
- looks like pavement outside the SE entrance to the podium is being installed.

12 April 2018 -

- pouring the southern half of the office core. Looks like the northern half is in the process of climbing a level.
- formwork framing and sheeting is spreading rapidly
- sealant is being applied to the western half of the slab roof beneath the southern crane
- a large area of pavement slab has been poured at ground level outside the entrance at the corner of George and Adelaide Sts.

17 April 2018 -

Still not much visible progress on the hotel from this side. I expect there's a lot going on inside, but I'm a little surprised the last bits of cladding haven't been finished.
- office: new columns & steel beams up at the northern side, for the seventh steel-framed floor.
- the crane and the core formwork have all climbed up a bit since last week.
- another coating being applied to the podium roof behind the southern crane

19 April 2018 -

- office: pouring walls in the northern core
- formwork for the 7th steel framed level progressing rapidly
- last slab at the South of the 6th steel level have been poured this morning

24 April 2018 -

Not much external work going on today, it appears.
The northern office core has jacked up a level since last week, as has the formwork for the southern wall, the blue formwork has covered most of the floor, reinforcing mesh has been laid over the northern part of the floor.

IMG_20180410_120546.jpg IMG_20180412_122140.jpg

IMG_20180419_120259.jpg IMG_20180424_140429.jpg



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