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This is a blogumentatry project that is following the construction and development of the building complex planned for 300 George Street, Brisbane, with the aim of capturing the history from demolition of the old court building to the final completion of the three new towers.
300 George Street Brisbane is the site for Brisbane Quarter and W Hotel, Brisbane.
This blog is in no way affiliated with the developer, leasing agents or any businesses planned to operate at 300 George Street Brisbane.

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More time lapse footage of the demolition and excavation
I've had one of the readers, Rick, send in these time lapse videos that he's put together. The first one shows the final stages of the demolition and the second one shows the entire excavation compressed down to 4 minutes of footage.
Footage of the controlled detonation at 300 George Street
The previous post suggested that there would be a controlled detonation taking place some time at the 300 George site, well it finally happened over the weekend. I had a number of people send in footage of the detonation. Check it out.
Controlled blast planned for 300 George Street?
I've had one of the readers, Simon, send this photo in that shows what looks like preparations for a controlled blast at the excavation site. You can see in the top left corner of the photo a rig drilling holes into the rock. I can't think of any other reason for these holes apart from setting some explosives to clear the rock.
Last bits of the old court building left
There is only a small section of the old Court building left now with the rest of the site turned into an excavation site.
More excavation equipment, more dirt
The old basement has been dug out now, lots of excavators onsite and the piles of dug out dirt is building higher and higher.
A hole in the ground and a ramp being built onsite
There's a developing pit in the ground now and also a ramp that's been built on one of the sides of the site.
Trees on the North Quay side have been cut down
Just as I thought the trees on the North Quay side of the site have been cut down over the weekend. Looks like they have been stripped of branches and will be used for wood too. Good to see them not wasting them.
Retaining walls on the North Quay side being demolished
The retaining walls on the North Quay side of the site are starting to be demolished. I'm guessing that garden and trees will be gone soon.
Excavation and drilling equipment onsite and in use
The last part of the building is quickly coming down now, meanwhile the excavation and drilling equipment has been moved onsite and is being used. Hopefully soon we will be looking at a big hole instead of piles of dirt.
No more left wing and centre sections of the building
The left wing and the centre of the building is completely torn down. The trees on the other side of the building are visible from George street now.
Nite time photos for a change
Went past the site and took some night time photos for a change.
Demolition site looking level
Had these photos sent in by Cool Lady. The demolition site is looking more and more level now. There is a big pile of rubble and concrete in the middle of the courtyard still.
Look at the demolition from the top
Thanks to my wonderful friend working in the BCC building, I have more aerial view photos to share. Looks like the demolition has moved onto the right wing of the building, big rubbles of concrete are in the courtyard waiting to be cleared out.
A real look inside the demolition
I've had an anonymous submission of these photos. They show the demolition as it is now from inside the site. Even though I do not encourage sneaking into the site, these photos look amazing, thanks and hope others enjoy them too. Remember: safety first please :)
Inside 300 George Street demolition site
A link to these photos was shared on my Facebook page so I got in touch with Abandoned Brisbane (Urban Exploration) and asked them if I could host some of the photos they took on this blog, they agreed. These are some photos from the 300 George Street (Supreme Court) demolition site. For the full album, go to the Abandoned Brisbane Facebook page.
Left wing almost torn down
The left wing is almost torn now down. Looks like all of the levels have had some parts taken out of them.
Several levels of the left wing torn down
It was a surprise to me how quickly the left wing is being torn down, multiple levels of it have been cleared away over the course of a week it seems. Here are some photos.
More aerial photos of the demolition
I've got a friend working in the BCC building who took these photos for me. Enjoy!
Left wing being torn down
The left wing of the old Court building is being torn down more and more. Also, I've been past the site at night a few times and heard dog barking, but the K9 unit signs have been taken down some time ago.
New demolition contractor on site
Looks like a new demolition contractor has moved in now and work is continuing. A crane is set up the the courtyard area and new signs are up. The new demolition company is DECC (Demolition Environmental Civil Contractors).
Demolition stopped due to asbestos issues
Thanks to a friend of mine for pointing this article out: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/asbestos-fears-as-old-courts-demolition-grinds-to-a-halt-20140703-zsvba.html. Looks like there are quite a few issues with this development, from liquidation issues to now this asbestos problem. I'll have more about the liquidation of P&K later on when I get some time away from work to post about it
Close ups of the devastation on the ground
I took these a week ago and kept on forgetting to upload them, but here they are, better late than never. These are just some shots of the devastation going on on the ground inside the demolition site.
Some view from the BCC building
This is exciting! I have a friend who works in the BCC building and so I've asked her to take some photos for me of the demolition below. Here's what I got. Enjoy!
Demolition in full swing
Demolition is in full progress now with a jackhammer excavator joining into the fray. It's really starting to feel like this building will be taken apart soon.
A view from above
This is a special treat, one of the readers has sent this photo in that shows a view from up above the demolition site. I can't get this kind of vantage point from the street level or from my building, so here's what it looks like directly above. Thanks so much!
Something's going on but I can't see much
I've been putting off an update for a while because I simply can't see much of what's going on. There are some more panels that have been taken down, but I'm guessing most of the work is going on inside. Here are some photos of what's visible from George Street anyway.
It's a big blue block
I can't really see much of what's going on with the demolition at the moment, everything is covered in scaffolding and shuttered with the blue mesh. The whole site looks like one giant blue block.
Footpath is blocked and there's water in the basement
I decided to check around the side of the building and noticed today that the footpath that is along the overpass side next to the motorbike parking is all blocked off. It also looks like there is water buildup in the basement, the are smells really damp.
Wall panels being removed
The wall panels are starting to be taken down now. These are just a few photos as I was walking past, took them on my phone because I didn't have my camera with me.
Big lift crane is in the house
I've been away for the last two weeks from Brisbane so haven't had an update, but today I went for a walk to see what's happening at 300 George and there was a crane there. Not a big deal, it's just a temporary mobile crane, but something's going on at least. I talked to some of the workers there too, apparently they won't be blowing up the building, which is a shame.
Night time photos: More scaffolding up
Here's a bit of a special rare treat - night time photos of the demolition site. I thought I'd go for a walk down the block and see what's happened in the last few days and the answer is - more scaffolding has been put up. The BCC side of the building is covered in the scaffolding now, but no mesh yet. There is no action on the overpass side at all that I can see.
Facade down, gantries and scaffolding up
So the front facade that used to be at the entry to the court house is more or less ripped down now. There are partial scaffolding up around the building too and gantries are up on one side. The entire of the river facing side is covered up in blue mesh.
Expanded fencing around the site and some external concrete demolished
Something is finally happening externally at the demolition site. The fencing has been expanded around the perimeter by a fair amount, this indicates they are ready to start getting on with external demolitions. Some minor external concrete has been removed as well on the bus stop side of the building.
Work resumes in the New Year
Looks like work has resumed again now in 2014. Some equipment moved around, more internal stripping done, that's all I could see from the outside.
Bobcats are in
It's been a while since the last update because I've been moving house, but I finally had a spare moment to drop by and have a look at the state of the demolition. There is a bobcat inside now, looks like the glass is being kept (according to the writing on it). From what I see it's not a huge deal of visible progress.
More demolition photos
Went by the other day while I was in the area, the other side of the building (opposite to where the ripping out of the internals started; left side as you face the building while standing on George Street) has been started to be ripped out inside. Apart from that, there is some new equipment onsite - the bulldozer scoops.
Fencing is all around and demolition continues
The fencing is all around the old court building now, with additional fencing put up along Adelaide St. The demolition continues too, wiring and air conditioner ducting being ripped out and dumped in piles. Apart from that the building still looks the same on the outside.
Demolition has started
When I drove past a couple of days ago, I noticed that the fencing had new signs for the demolition company on it now, so I decided to go and have a closer look. The demolition seems to be in full swing now! ...and it's noisy.