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300 George Street
Brisbane, Australia
This is a blogumentatry project that is following the construction and development of the building complex planned for 300 George Street, Brisbane, with the aim of capturing the history from demolition of the old court building to the final completion of the three new towers.
300 George Street Brisbane is the site for Brisbane Quarter and W Hotel, Brisbane.
This blog is in no way affiliated with the developer, leasing agents or any businesses planned to operate at 300 George Street Brisbane.

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A look back to the site's excavation
One of the readers, Alistair, has sent some photos in to share. These are from way back during the time when the site was just starting to be excavated. Nice to have this look back into the past of the site!
More time lapse footage of the demolition and excavation
I've had one of the readers, Rick, send in these time lapse videos that he's put together. The first one shows the final stages of the demolition and the second one shows the entire excavation compressed down to 4 minutes of footage.
Update from the site: looks like a lift shaft has been started
I've had one of the readers, Geoff, send a couple of photos of the site. It looks like one of the lift shafts has been started now. The side walls all appear to be reinforced too and completed too. There is a bit more excavation going on in same parts as well.
Footage of the controlled detonation at 300 George Street
The previous post suggested that there would be a controlled detonation taking place some time at the 300 George site, well it finally happened over the weekend. I had a number of people send in footage of the detonation. Check it out.
Controlled blast planned for 300 George Street?
I've had one of the readers, Simon, send this photo in that shows what looks like preparations for a controlled blast at the excavation site. You can see in the top left corner of the photo a rig drilling holes into the rock. I can't think of any other reason for these holes apart from setting some explosives to clear the rock.
Another angle on the dig
I've had one of the readers, Kym, send this photo in. It shows an angle of the excavation that I don't usually get to see. It's amazing to think that there was a building standing here not that long ago.
A crane with an extremely long arm is excavating the site
Noticed that there is a crane with an extremely long arm doing excavation at the site. It's actually picking up the dirt from way down in the pit and loading it onto the trucks.
A short video of the excavation progress
I've had Dani send these snaps and a video in today. It looks like the excavation is down at least 3 full levels, I'm guessing it's about half way done now.
Excavation deep in the pit
I've had Jasmine from The Grosvenor On George / Showbar 320 / Barber Babes, the business across the road from the 300 George Street construction site send these photos in.
An update on the excavation progress
I've asked a previous contributor Geoff to take a couple of photos from up above of the excavation at the site. It's getting harder and harder to take photos from the ground now as the site is completely fenced off now.
A checkin at the dig site
Here's a photo I found from a checkin on Facebook. It shows the dig site in its full glory.
Adelaide Street entry now in use
I was walking past the site the other night and managed to snap this picture quickly (apologies for the poor quality). It looks like the trucks are using the entrance on the Adelaide Street side now to load with the dirt being dug out.
Weekend excavation continues
The excavation continues every weekend. I took some snaps when going past the site and one from above too. Trucks are being loaded with and dirt taken away constantly. The pit is getting deeper too.
A new angle on the site excavation
Here is a photo sent in by Clinton that shows the excavation site from a different angle that hasn't been shown before.
More and more digging
Here are some photos sent in by Elise.
Another aerial shot of the flooding
Thanks to Geoff, who has previously sent in photos of the site from above, here's another photo showing some of the flooding on site after the recent rains.
Flooding after the weekend's heavy rain
Forgot to put these up sooner, but I went by the site and took some photos after the weekend. There was quite a lot of heavy rain and this caused some more flooding and pooling of water at the site.
The dig continues
Haven't had an update for a while so I thought I'd go have a look at what's going on at the site.
Flood water is out, concrete is in
The water that was flooding the dug out pit has been cleared out now and looks like there is a concrete collar going up around the perimeter of the site.
TC Marcia rains cause flooding on site, worker facilities set up
As TC Marcia batters down on Queensland there are heavy rains in the Brisbane area. It looks like this has caused the pit on site to flood. There is a water pump set up to get the water out. I've also noticed that new worker facilities have been put up on the George Street side of the site.
Drilling and additional blue fencing erected
There's more drilling going on at the site, metal beams are also being driven into the ground. In addition, the site has a new blue fence that can't be seen through around some of the sides.
Dig site from above
One the the reader's Geoff, who has sent in photos before has shared the another photo. This one's of the dig site from up above.
Panoramic shot of the dig site
Since not much else apart from digging appears to be happening at the site, I've gone past and taken some photos to put together into a panorama shot. Here's what it came up as.
The pit is getting deeper
The pit being dug out at the site is getting deeper and deeper now. There's a ramp build for excavators to travel down now. Very little of the original building is left at the moment.
Last bits of the old court building left
There is only a small section of the old Court building left now with the rest of the site turned into an excavation site.
A nice aerial shot of the dig
One of the readers, Geoff, has sent this photo in. Taken from across the road of the excavation site. Thanks Geoff! It's hard to imagine that there will be 3 buildings in this place.
Trucks lining up along North Quay to move the dirt out
There have been trucks lining up along North Quay waiting to move the dirt out. As one truck would pull out of the site, another one would take its place.
More excavation equipment, more dirt
The old basement has been dug out now, lots of excavators onsite and the piles of dug out dirt is building higher and higher.
A hole in the ground and a ramp being built onsite
There's a developing pit in the ground now and also a ramp that's been built on one of the sides of the site.
Excavation and drilling equipment onsite and in use
The last part of the building is quickly coming down now, meanwhile the excavation and drilling equipment has been moved onsite and is being used. Hopefully soon we will be looking at a big hole instead of piles of dirt.