300 George Street Blogumentary
300 George Street
Brisbane, Australia
This is a blogumentatry project that is following the construction and development of the building complex planned for 300 George Street, Brisbane, with the aim of capturing the history from demolition of the old court building to the final completion of the three new towers.
300 George Street Brisbane is the site for Brisbane Quarter and W Hotel, Brisbane.
This blog is in no way affiliated with the developer, leasing agents or any businesses planned to operate at 300 George Street Brisbane.

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Final update for 300 George Street

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Reducing the frequency of updates and content on this Blog

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A new crane installed at the commercial building site

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Final update for 300 George Street
The 300 George Street Blog is not going to be updated further due to lack of time and resources. This has been a great project for the past several years but unfortunately it must now come to an early end. Thanks to all the readers out there and to all the contributors who have sent in photos!
July 2018 Updates
There has been some solid, visible progress on the residential tower in July. The W Hotel is old news now and the commercial tower is climbing higher and higher. It's interesting to see that the commercial tower windows are being placed as it is built up, unlike what happened with W Hotel where windows were installed significantly later. There was a police presence on the site one of the days too, though I am not sure why.
April 2018 Updates
April has brought the W Hotel tower to closer completion as seen from the outside. The decorative cladding on either side of the building was put in and plants were delivered to the site and moved into place.
March 2018 Updates
March had a few interesting developments. The North Quay side crane was removed from the W Hotel part of the construction site. That stretch of the road was closed for the duration of this operation.
Reducing the frequency of updates and content on this Blog
I've had quite a dilemma regarding this Blog for quite some time. I've not been focusing on it as much recently due to work and other projects, yet I want to keep it updated and alive at least until the construction at 300 George St is complete. So I've thought hard about it and decided to reduce the frequency of updates from a weekly to a monthly basis starting in December.
News and gossip from the site
I heard some news and gossip through the grapevine about what's happening at the construction site. Make of it what you will, if you know any more please comment on the Facebook Page.
Scaffolding removed around the commercial tower
A short update from Bernard about scaffolding...
Multiplex Appointed To Build Brisbane Quarter Commercial Tower
In case you missed it - Multiplex Appointed To Build Brisbane Quarter Commercial Tower.
New development right next door to 300 George Street at number 320
This is a bit of welcome news I think, there's been a new DA application for a New Mixed Use Tower Planned for 320 George Street. The Roma Street end of George Street is really in some serious need of redevelopment and this is a definite breath of fresh air if it gets approved
Construction site shut down for the Holiday Season
Looks like there has not been any activity at the site since the 20th of December. I'm guessing all work is shut down until next year.
A heavy fog looms over Brisbane
There was a really heavy fog covering Brisbane today. Apparently it was up to 100m in height and caused delays at the Airport, more info here. When I woke up at 6am, I couldn't see much past my balcony, which usually has a clear view of the 300 George construction site.
Google Maps high resolution images now online
Google Maps has updated their map data to include very high resolution cloudless images of the entire Earth. The 300 George Street site is covered in it's full glory of course.
Official signage, new naming and web sites launched
I noticed that there is official signage plastered all over the George Street of the construction site now. Along with this we have the new names being used for this construction and details of the official web sites.
It was a break in not an accident
I wrote earlier on the week about the accident on site with a dump truck being stuck in a hole. Turns out this was no accident at all but a break in.
Accident on site
There's been an accident on site on Sunday it appears. Thanks to Bernard for sending in this photo. You can see below what appears like a truck/tractor has fallen into a hole on the residential tower site. The time lapse footage shows what happened below.
Google Maps updates it's satellite imagery again within two months of previous update
I've written earlier (2 months ago) that Google Maps reflects the site construction, well it looks like Google has updated it's satellite images again. You can see now that Google Maps shows an updated view of the construction site vs what it was earlier.
ANZAC Day Brisbane CBD road closures
George Street will be closed this ANZAC Day during the following times:
Cogent Scaffolding wins the contract for 300 George Street
Cogent Scaffolding has announced last week that they've won the contract for scaffolding works at 300 George Street. Cogent has quite an impressive list of past and current projects under their belt so I am sure they will do a fantastic job!
No work this week!
There's been no work on site this week at all. So there won't be a time lapse or any other photos until work resumes
Google Maps reflects the site construction now
I've been checking Google Maps for 300 George Street every month or so to see when it will update to reflect that it's under construction and it's finally happened. Now the site image looks like a construction site from several weeks ago.
Hotel lift core has popped up over the fence line
I went past the site on the weekend to take a few photos showing the Hotel W lift core progress. It's well above the fence line now, in fact it's even higher than the overpass entry.
The fourth crane has been assembled on site
Some great developments last week. The fourth crane is now assembled and a service elevator has been put up next to the hotel lift core. The progress has really accelerated. Check out more detailed updates from Bernard below...
Concrete pumping on the weekend and a new water tower
There were concrete trucks arriving over the weekend at the site. One of the lanes of North Quay was blocked off for a time as well.
Hotel lift core a level higher and excavators are nowhere in sight
The hotel lift core is growing taller and taller. It will soon be poking out the top of the pit. The other lift cores will surely follow suit.
There's vertical movement on the hotel lift core and lots of concrete being poured
Lots of updates this week. Also starting this week I am going to be trying to consolidate updates more rather than posting daily statuses. Thanks to Bernard for the updates and all the photos!
A flood of updates this week, including DA changes to the site
There has been a flood of updates towards the end of the week with photos and information sent in by long time readers Geoff, Bernard and Steve. One of the things I missed earlier this month is that there is a Slight Update for 300 George Street & W Hotel DA. On the most part it looks like the number of larger units was decreased in favour of two bedroom apartments. Additional roofing has been added and car parking spaces have been increased.
George Street temporarily shut down for the Australia Day Invasion Day rally
I happened to be in the city at the right time today to catch the Australia Day Invasion Day rally go past the 300 George Street site today.
Residential tower lift core concrete slab being poured in
The concrete slab around the residential tower has finally started to be poured in place. At a distance it doesn't look like a huge area, but zooming in you can see how deep some of the parts actually are and that will all require filling in.
Floor slab around the hotel lift core completed
Here's another excellent update from Bernard. The floor slab around the hotel lift core is finished, this is where it looks like most of the progress has been made on the site.
Third crane assembled on site now
I've noticed this Saturday that more crane parts were delivered to the site. The road wasn't blocked off like the previous two times, that's because this crane was assembled in the center of the site.
Update from the site: looks like a lift shaft has been started
I've had one of the readers, Geoff, send a couple of photos of the site. It looks like one of the lift shafts has been started now. The side walls all appear to be reinforced too and completed too. There is a bit more excavation going on in same parts as well.
George Street closed for light rail construction…in Sydney
I happened to be in Sydney and since they have George Street as well I thought I'd have a stroll by. It looks like parts of it have been blocked for for the light rail construction.
Second crane up on the George Street side of the site
A part of George Street was blocked of on Sunday while workers assembled the second crane. Here are some pictures I took while walking past.
Controlled blast planned for 300 George Street?
I've had one of the readers, Simon, send this photo in that shows what looks like preparations for a controlled blast at the excavation site. You can see in the top left corner of the photo a rig drilling holes into the rock. I can't think of any other reason for these holes apart from setting some explosives to clear the rock.
North Quay was blocked this weekend while a crane was put together
North Quay was blocked over the weekend while the construction crew put together the first crane at the construction site.
Suncorp sign flies high over the construction site
I've noticed a big sign being put up on the BCC building that (currently) is standing over the construction site. It was quite obvious what this sign would be...Suncorp.
Brookfield Multiplex - new contractor on site
They may have been there a few weeks already, but I've only just noticed not long ago. Brookfield Multiplex are now onsite at 300 George Street.
Night time works in progress
Elise has sent this photo in of the workers at the site working at night. It looks like they've started night time works. I've been past the site multiple times on the weekend too and there is a fair amount of work going on Saturdays and Sundays.
Footpaths are now closed around the site
While out for an evening walk and trying to walk past the site I noticed that the footpaths around the site are all closed to public now. The only way to get past is on George street. The North Quay and Adelaide St footpaths are completely inaccessible by foot.
TC Marcia rains cause flooding on site, worker facilities set up
As TC Marcia batters down on Queensland there are heavy rains in the Brisbane area. It looks like this has caused the pit on site to flood. There is a water pump set up to get the water out. I've also noticed that new worker facilities have been put up on the George Street side of the site.
Police blocking the North Quay side due to Victoria Bridge closures
The North Quay part of the road around the site is closed with a police patrol car blocking the way. The closure is due to Victoria Bridge resurfacing this weekend.
Trucks lining up along North Quay to move the dirt out
There have been trucks lining up along North Quay waiting to move the dirt out. As one truck would pull out of the site, another one would take its place.
A concreted driveway has been built on the North Quay side
As the excavation is going on, there is some construction happening too. There has been a concreted driveway put in over the weekend on the North Quay side of the site. The leftmost lane was closed during this time.
Excavation is in full swing and a new crane being assembled
Walked past the site today and saw lots of excavation going on, looks like the garden area that was on the North Quay side is being completely removed now. In addition, there are crane parts from BCF Cranes onsite now.
Section of the site visible from the Riverside Expressway Cam
A section of the side (on the North Quay end) is now visible on the Riverside Expressway Cam. Check it out.
Motorcycle parking disappearing around the site
Some of the motorbike parking spaces around the demolition site have started disappearing and are now blocked off.
Mainland Civil Engineering contractors move in
Most of the demolition has been completed and the civil engineering contractors, Mainland, seem to have moved in on site. Some drilling equipment has arrived too. Amazing that there were parts of a building here just weeks ago.
New demolition contractor on site
Looks like a new demolition contractor has moved in now and work is continuing. A crane is set up the the courtyard area and new signs are up. The new demolition company is DECC (Demolition Environmental Civil Contractors).
Something is going on but it's not demolition
Walked past the other day and there were cars parked inside the site, didn't look like there was any demolition going on, more like official business.
Upgraded security now with a DOG K-9 Unit
The security provider has changed from Sargent to Challenger Knight and they've added a dog K-9 unit too. Every time I've walked past the site, there has been a security guard and a dog on alert. I'm sure they don't want all that asbestos being stolen!
Things are heating up over asbestos and lack of payment
Walked past the site to check it out for myself today to see if it's really shut down. Yes it is. There is some picketing going on outside too. Will be interesting to see how it turns out. What do you all think, leave a comment.
300 George or 304 George?
Just read a news article on Brisbane Times titled Council to give $800m George Street redevelopment the green light and it seems there is some confusion about the actual address of this development. They are not the only confused, Google Maps seems to have no clue where 300 George St actually is!
Demolition has started
When I drove past a couple of days ago, I noticed that the fencing had new signs for the demolition company on it now, so I decided to go and have a closer look. The demolition seems to be in full swing now! ...and it's noisy.
300 George Street Brisbane
Welcome to the 300 George Street Brisbane Blogumentary Project. This blog will follow the construction and development of the building complex planned for 300 George Street. I'm working on this as a hobby and out of personal interest because I recently purchased an apartment that will be a block away and hence will give me easy access and lots of opportunity to follow the construction.