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300 George Street
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This is a blogumentatry project that is following the construction and development of the building complex planned for 300 George Street, Brisbane, with the aim of capturing the history from demolition of the old court building to the final completion of the three new towers.
300 George Street Brisbane is the site for Brisbane Quarter and W Hotel, Brisbane.
This blog is in no way affiliated with the developer, leasing agents or any businesses planned to operate at 300 George Street Brisbane.

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Updates between 20th of November and 24th of November

Updates between 13th of November and 17th of November

Updates between 6th of November and 10th of November

Updates between 23rd of October and 3rd of November

A new crane installed at the commercial building site

Updates between 16th of October and 20th of October

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August 2018 Updates
Only a short update for August. There were some temporary footpath closures along George Street. The commercial tower is growing quickly and being covered in lots of glass now.
July 2018 Updates
There has been some solid, visible progress on the residential tower in July. The W Hotel is old news now and the commercial tower is climbing higher and higher. It's interesting to see that the commercial tower windows are being placed as it is built up, unlike what happened with W Hotel where windows were installed significantly later. There was a police presence on the site one of the days too, though I am not sure why.
June 2018 Updates
June has finally seen the opening of the W Hotel. Though I've not been invited to have a look inside I did see some photos floating around that showed that the hotel is quite nice inside.
May 2018 Updates
May saw the announcement of residential tower construction starting next month. The site overall has been progressing at a steady pace.
April 2018 Updates
April has brought the W Hotel tower to closer completion as seen from the outside. The decorative cladding on either side of the building was put in and plants were delivered to the site and moved into place.
March 2018 Updates
March had a few interesting developments. The North Quay side crane was removed from the W Hotel part of the construction site. That stretch of the road was closed for the duration of this operation.
February 2018 Updates
February's update isn't as big as January. Overall the most visible progress has been made on the W Hotel tower. The curved glass side is almost fully sealed in and all the decorative cladding is almost across the whole building. There is a huge way to go until it's complete though!
January 2018 Updates
Happy New Year! Welcome to the first update from 300 George Street for 2018. There was quite a big break on site around Christmas and New Year but once work was back on, lots of developments happened. Lets see some photos from the site and surrounds.
December 2017 updates
This is the first monthly update and a new format for each post. I've taken a bunch of photos from around the site during the month and Bernard has taken his usual high rise photos looking down on the site. There's a more detailed update from Bernard below too.
Remaining photos and updates for November 2017
As I mentioned in a previous post I'm going to be reducing the number of updates I post on this blog. Updates will now happen on a monthly basis and will have a new format.
Some cool shots from up high
Here's a bunch of photos that I've had sent in. These are taken from up high looking down on the ground below. Looks pretty amazing!
Updates between 20th of November and 24th of November
Here are a few updates from Bernard for the past week.
Updates between 13th of November and 17th of November
Another update from Bernard, for the last week.
Updates between 6th of November and 10th of November
Here's a short update from Bernard for the past week. Enjoy!
Updates between 23rd of October and 3rd of November
Here are some updates from Bernard for two weeks back. Enjoy!
Updates between 16th of October and 20th of October
A short update from Bernard for the past week...
Updates between 9th of October and 13th of October
Here's an update from Bernard for the past week...
October fog blankets the site
Not much visibility this morning with the heavy fog blanketing Brisbane. Top of the W Hotel tower construction is right in the heavy part of it.
Updates between 2nd of October and 6th of October
A short update from Bernard for the past week...
Painting around the lower levels and hotel sides plus number 33 on the hotel core
The lower levels of the W Hotel are being painted in black. The hotel sides are being done in a grey colour, though this may just be concrete sealant.
Updates between 11th of September and 15th of September
Here's an update from Bernard for the past week. Level 32 of the lift core has been reached, this should be the final level so just the rest of the tower floors need to be poured to catch up.
Updates between 4th of September and 8th of September
Here's an update from Bernard for the past week.
Updates between 28th of August and 1st of September
Just a short update from Bernard for two weeks ago.
The W Hotel tower reaches the big 30 levels
Last week the W Hotel tower lift core finally reached the 30 level mark. Only two more levels until its proposed height is reached (plus some utility space above it all).
George Street closed off on the weekend with a mobile crane
I had Elise send these photos showing George Street closed off on Sunday. There's a mobile crane blocking most of the road and it appears that sections of a new crane are being lifted up. The new crane is assembled onsite already.
Updates between 21st of August and 25th of August
Another great update from Bernard. A crane has been partially disassembled this week and more weekend work goes on, even on Sundays.
Updates between 14th of August and 18th of August
A grea update from Bernard for the past week. Some days off due to Ekka holiday.
Updates between 7th of August and 11th of August
Here's another update from Bernard for the last week.
W Hotel curved window installation
Those W Hotel curved windows look amazing from the ground level. When I first saw them I thought they surely must be a single piece installs but I was wrong. Each curved window is made up of about 7 separate facets. Here are some pictures and a time lapse video of their installation.
Updates between 24th of July and 28th of July
Here's the update for the past week, from Bernard.
Updates between 17th of July and 21st of July
Here's an update from Bernard for the past week.
North Quay crane extended, new number 25 painted on the elevator shaft
The elevator on the North Quay side of the construction site has been extended up higher and a the elevator shaft numbering has been increased to 25.
Updates between 10th of July and 14th of July
Another update from Bernard for the past week, including some ground level photos this time too.
Night time construction zoom in fun
It's great seeing the construction site during the day, but at night it really has an eerie feel. These are some zoomed in photos I took over the weekend. This is as close as my camera allows at 30x optical zoom.
Close up photos of work on the W Hotel tower
It's interesting to see the work up close so I took a few snaps of the W Hotel tower work while the concrete side panels were being put into place.
Photos from around the site perimeter
I took these photos around the site this week. These are from the Adelaide St side, onto North Quay and a bit of the Ann Street corner.
Updates between 3rd of July and 7th of July
Huge update for last week from Bernard! Different angle on photos too so that everything can be fit in. The W Hotel tower is getting big!
Updates from different angles, plus a video of the work on top of the W hotel tower
Here are a couple of photos I took of the construction site from different angles to what Bernard usually posts. The W hotel tower is coming along nicely. In the second photo the curved glass is already visible from the Southbank side.
Updates between 26th of June and 30th of June
Another excellent update from Bernard for the past week. Not a full working week on site, but weekend work continues.
Updates between 19th of June and 23rd of June
Another awesome update from Bernard for the past week...
Updates between 12th of June and 16th of June
It was a wet week but work still went on. Here's an update from Bernard, including an updated shot of the wavy glass facade for the W Hotel.
Updates between 5th of June and 10th of June
Here's quite a big update from Bernard for the past week. There are also a couple of bonus photos showing the update on the curved glass of the W hotel building and a photo from me showing the workers from up above looking along North Quay.
Cranes shooting rainbows over Brisbane
Not exactly to do with 300 George Street but I thought that I'd share this photo I took this afternoon of a rainbow lining up exactly over a construction crane over at Southbank. Makes it look like the rainbow is being shot right out of the crane!
Updates between 29th of May and 2nd of June
Here's an update from Bernard for the past week, enjoy!
Updates between 22nd of May and 26th of May, plus a bonus ground level photo
Here are a couple of updates from Bernard for the past week.
Fog blankets the site
If you were missing the construction site today, I'd not blame you as it was completely covered in fog. Here's a photo I took from my balcony about a block away from the site, the Riverside Expressway is seen below, but the construction site is nowhere to be seen.
Updates between 8th of May and 19th of May
This is a combined update from Bernard for the past two weeks, since there was little activity the week earlier.
Hotel tower soars above Quay Central building
The W Hotel tower has reached the point where it's above the Quay Central building now. You can see the concrete pump boom being used to build it up too.
Updates between 1st of May and 5th of May
Only a short update from Bernard for the past week due to public holidays. Enjoy!
Updates between 24th of April and 28th of April
Here's an update from Bernard for the past week, with a bonus ground level photo of the hotel core curtain wall.
Time lapse of the site between 27th of January and 3rd of February 2017
There hasn't been a time lapse for quite some time so here's one from a while ago - 27th January to 3rd of February.
A slow week around Easter
There was just one update from Bernard last week. Doesn't look like much work is going on around the Easter break. Hope all the workers went egg hunting!
New renders of the W Hotel and 300 George Site
Brisbane Development has released new renders of what the W Hotel will look like. There are some nice aerial shot renders of the whole site too.
Updates between 10th of April and 14th of April
A short but sweet update from Bernard for the past week.
Foggy Brisbane morning
I took these photos on Monday morning as I was leaving for the airport and haven't had time to post them until now. There was quite a nice fog cover in the morning coming in over the river, the fog started off quite low but then grew to a more significant height.
Updates between 3rd of April and 7th of April
A short but excellent update from Bernard for the past week, enjoy!
Updates between 27th of March and 31st of March
It was a bit of a wet week last week, but Bernard still sent in a detailed update, check it out below.
Updates between 20th of March and 24th of March
Another great update from Bernard. The building outline is very clear now.
Updates between 13th of March and 17th of March
Another update from Bernard for the past week...
Updates between 6th of March and 10th of March
Just a short update from Bernard for this week.
Updates between 27th of February and 3rd of March
Here are updates from Bernard for the past week.
Updates between 13th of February and 17th of February
Updates for the past week from Bernard below.
Updates between 30th of January and 3rd of February
Another update from Bernard for the past week. Enjoy!
Updates between 23rd of January and 27th of January
More updates from Bernard for the past week, enjoy!
Updates between 9th of January and 13th of January
It's full steam ahead again at the construction site. Here's an update on the week's activity from Bernard.
An updated look at the site from the south bank of the river
Here's a look at the construction site as seen from the south bank of the river, from the walkway near QAG and GOMA.
Happy New Year! 2017 Southbank Fireworks
Happy New Year! Hope we will see a lot more development at the 300 George Site in 2017, but for now here are some of the fireworks from last night's celebrations.
Updates between 12th of December and 16th of December
Here's the final real update of activity before the Christmas break period set in. Enjoy your Holiday Season!
Updates between 5th of December and 9th of December
Here's quite a large update from Bernard for the week of the 5th of December. Getting close to catching up with all the updates now, should be up to speed by the end of next week.
A look back to the site's excavation
One of the readers, Alistair, has sent some photos in to share. These are from way back during the time when the site was just starting to be excavated. Nice to have this look back into the past of the site!
Updates between 28th of November and 2nd of December
Still playing catch up with all the updates. These are from Bernard for the 28th of November to the 2nd of December.
Updates between 21st of November and 25th of November
This was a short update from Bernard. Will be posting a number of update videos tomorrow.
Updates between 11th of November and 19th of November
I've been away on holidays for about a month so only now starting to catch up on all the updates that have come in. Below are updates between the 11th and the 19th of November from Bernard. Enjoy!
Updates between 7th of November and 10th of November
Here's an update from Bernard for the current week. It's a bit earlier than usual but I will be going away on an extended vacation as of tonight. I'll try to keep the blog updated when I can, but I am not sure how much Internet access I will have while travelling.
Updates between 31st of October and 4th of November
Some updates from the past week...
Ground level update - the residential tower lift core is rising
I happened to be walking past the site today on the North Quay side and noticed that the residential tower lift core is well above the ground level. The site is going up quickly!
Updates between 10th of October and 14th of October
Just one update from Bernard for the past week...
No updates from last week
There aren't any updates from last week so here's a photo of what the site looks like at night when looking at it from across the river. This week's updates will be posted at the end of the week as usual.
Updates between 26th of September and 30th of September
Short update for last week. The southern crane has been swapped out since the last update, apart from that work goes on as usual.
Panoramic shots from the ground level
I walked past the site earlier on the week and took these panoramic shots. I especially like the one with all the signage. Enjoy!
Some photos and video from Riverfire 2016
Here are some photos and videos I took this past weekend when Riverfire was on. Not too many this time around, I was concentrating more on watching it rather than taking photos and videos. Still there are some good photos below.
Updates between 19th of September and 23rd of September
Here are updates for the past week. Looks like there were a couple of days of no work due to weather.
Updates between 12th of September and 16th of September
Here's an update from last week's construction activities. Lots of grids and lots of pouring of concrete! The site is rising up quite quickly.
Updates between 5th of September and 9th of September
Here's an update for the past week. There was a little mix up with some of the photos so not all of them are shown for each of the days, but the general progress is there. The 'no work' day photo looks really cool with all the cranes pointing straight up!
Updates between 29th of August and 2nd of September
Here's the update for the past week. It comes to you from a higher elevation than the previous updates. Enjoy!
Updates between 22nd of August and 26th of August
Few interesting updates from last week. Looks like the work on the res tower is finally starting to start to catch up. As usual lately there was work going on on Saturday with a lane of North Quay blocked off to traffic.
Updates between 15th of August and 19th of August
Here's an update from last week, quite a bit of work done. The commercial tower is almost at the street level now. The hotel tower is well above street level at this point and the residential tower is still quite deep in the pit.
Updates between 8th of August and 12th of August
Quite a short update for last week from Bernard. Check out the details below.
Updates between 1st of August and 5th of August
Looks like there was no work at the site on Thursday this week. Apart from that it's full steam ahead all the other days. I'm looking over to the site now (Saturday) and can see there's activity going on too with one lane of North Quay blocked off to traffic and a concrete pumping boom set up.
Updates between 25th of July and 29th of July
Quite a big update for the past week from Bernard. Check out how high the NW crane reaches now in the pictures for the 28th of July. It's still not over the height of the 'Quay Central' building but is not far off!
More photos of last week's fog
There was more fog around last Friday. I took these photos but didn't have time to put them up until now. It was amazing watching the fog rolling in, then walking at street level and seeing how different it looks from the ground.
Updates between 18th July and 22nd of July
Here are some of the updated from Bernard for the past week. It was quite foggy in Brisbane during the week with two days having very heavy fog, one of the photos shows this. Check out my previous post earlier on the week that shows how heavy the fog was.
A heavy fog looms over Brisbane
There was a really heavy fog covering Brisbane today. Apparently it was up to 100m in height and caused delays at the Airport, more info here. When I woke up at 6am, I couldn't see much past my balcony, which usually has a clear view of the 300 George construction site.
Updates between 11th July and 15th of July
Quite a few updates from last week. Check out the details below from Bernard.
RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter fly over the CBD
I happened to be home today when the RACQ CQ Rescue helicopters did a fly over in the Brisbane CBD. Here are a few photos I took, as well as a short video below.
Updates between 4th July and 8th of July
Another big update from Bernard this week. Check out the details below. As I write this I can see that a concrete pumping arm has been deployed on the North Quay side with a lane blocked off to traffic again. Looks like work is continuing most weekends now.
Updates between 27th June and 1st of July
Lots of updates this week, probably the largest weekly update so far. Check out the details from Bernard below.
Concrete pumping on the weekend
I took a couple of these photos last weekend. One of the lanes on the North Quay side was blocked off to traffic with concrete trucks arriving and a concrete pumping boom set up.
Updates between 20th June and 24th of June
Here are some updates from Bernard for the past week.
Updates between 13th June and 17th of June
All four of the major sub-sites are rolling full steam ahead. Check out the more detailed updates from Bernard below.
Close up view of that truck in the hole
This is a bit of a follow up to the previous post I wrote about the break in on site. Here's a photo submitted anonymously that shows the truck in the hole after the entire joy ride incident was already over.
Official signage, new naming and web sites launched
I noticed that there is official signage plastered all over the George Street of the construction site now. Along with this we have the new names being used for this construction and details of the official web sites.
Updates between 6th June and 10th of June
Not as much progress this week probably due to the break in over the last weekend, however the broken equipment seems to have been replaced now. See more detailed updates from Bernard below.
The rain came and went without much excitement
The big storm that was meant to come didn't really hit the CBD that much. There were some low lying clouds, especially at night, but apart from that it was much a non event on the North Quay side over the weekend.
Updates between 30th May and 3rd of June
Lots of activity at the site this week leading up to a rainy weekend. Check out the more detailed updates from Bernard below.
Look at the construction from the ground - lots of columns on the W Hotel site
I went by the site yesterday to get a look from the ground level. Here are some photos I snapped. The W Hotel site has lots of support columns rising up now. The other side of the construction isn't even up to the street level so not much to see there.
Updates between 23rd and 27th of May
Good progress for last week at the site. Check out the more detailed updates from Bernard below.
Updates between 16th and 20th of May
Not as many updates as last week, but it looks like the crews keep working every single weekend for the time being. Check out the detailed daily updates below from Bernard.
Cement trucks working over the weekend
I noticed this weekend that the cement trucks were making deliveries. At least on Saturday work was continuing. Hopefully this doesn't mean they're running behind and having to catch up on weekends.
Updates between 9th and 13th of May
Quite a few updates for the past week, it's hard to keep up! Check out the detailed daily updates below from Bernard.
Updates between 2nd and 5th of May
It's been a short week but there was lots of progress made. Check out the more detailed updates from Bernard below.
W Hotel lift core is well above the Riverside Expressway overpass
I walked past the site yesterday to take this photo showing how far the W Hotel lift core has risen above the Riverside Expressway overpass. That's pretty impressive.
Updates between 25th April and 29th of April
Here are some updates from last week from Bernard. Lots of work at the site! I am still amazed how quickly the lift cores are going up!
Cement trucks were making last minute deliveries before ANZAC Day
ANZAC Day was a day off onsite with most of the roads around the construction closed to traffic, but there were cement trucks making deliveries the day before.
Updates between 18th April and 22th of April
All three building lift cores are coming up quite quickly now and it looks like the hotel underground floors have finally reached up to the ground level. Below are more detailed updates from Bernard throughout the week...
Updates between 11th April and 15th of April
The commercial tower lift core is well under way now and the hotel tower underground sections are almost complete with it nearly reaching street level this week. Below are more detailed updates sent in by Bernard.
Updates between 4th April and 8th of April
Work is back on at the site after a whole week off around Easter. Check out the more detailed updates below from Bernard. It's amazing how quickly all the concrete is going up.
Column rebar truck delivery
Walked past this truck waiting to offload its delivery at the site. Looks like steel bars to reinforce all the column supports being poured.
Updates between 13th March and 19th of March
Here are a couple of updates from Bernard over the past week. Looks like it's business as usual at the site, making steady progress and the hotel lift core is getting higher and higher.
Some impressive progress over the past week
There's been some impressive amount of progress made over the past week. Below is a more detailed update from Bernard and a photo to go with it.
Hotel lift core has popped up over the fence line
I went past the site on the weekend to take a few photos showing the Hotel W lift core progress. It's well above the fence line now, in fact it's even higher than the overpass entry.
Updates between 29th February and 5th of March
There was quite steady progress at the site over the past week. The lift cores getting higher and higher every day and more formwork and pouring of concrete. Check out the more detailed updates from Bernard below.
The fourth crane has been assembled on site
Some great developments last week. The fourth crane is now assembled and a service elevator has been put up next to the hotel lift core. The progress has really accelerated. Check out more detailed updates from Bernard below...
Concrete pumping on the weekend and a new water tower
There were concrete trucks arriving over the weekend at the site. One of the lanes of North Quay was blocked off for a time as well.
Seeing lots of vertical structures going up in the pit
Here's a nice update from Bernard from the beginning of the week. The amount of structures that have gone up inside the pit is huge compared to what was in there last week!
Peek inside the site and more concrete is pumping
Here are a couple of updates from Geoff and Bernard and myself. First Geoff was kind enough to send in some photos from inside the site, have a look it's good to get a perspective from the inside.
There's vertical movement on the hotel lift core and lots of concrete being poured
Lots of updates this week. Also starting this week I am going to be trying to consolidate updates more rather than posting daily statuses. Thanks to Bernard for the updates and all the photos!
On the ground look at the construction
I went for a little peek around the Adelaide St and North Quay sides of the construction site over the weekend to see what I could get a look at. These are the pictures I took from the ground level. There are bobcats a plenty around the site!
A flood of updates this week, including DA changes to the site
There has been a flood of updates towards the end of the week with photos and information sent in by long time readers Geoff, Bernard and Steve. One of the things I missed earlier this month is that there is a Slight Update for 300 George Street & W Hotel DA. On the most part it looks like the number of larger units was decreased in favour of two bedroom apartments. Additional roofing has been added and car parking spaces have been increased.
Concrete, concrete everywhere
Just as predicted lots of concrete was poured in since the last update. The site is really starting to transform now from an excavation to a full blown construction.
Floor slab around the hotel lift core completed
Here's another excellent update from Bernard. The floor slab around the hotel lift core is finished, this is where it looks like most of the progress has been made on the site.
More concrete, more crane sections, more progress
Thanks again to Bernard for sending this update in. The vantage point in this photo is really quite amazing and the progress is very visible from day to day now.
More concrete being poured in
I've got another update from Bernard a couple of days ago but didn't have time to put it up until now. You can definitely see the progress in this new photo that he's sent in. There are new floor slabs that have been poured in place and more.
Another amazing aerial shot of the site and an update on the construction
Here's another photo from Bernard, it's an update on the previous aerial shot he's sent in. Rather than me paraphrasing what he said, here's a nice summary directly from him...
Third crane assembled on site now
I've noticed this Saturday that more crane parts were delivered to the site. The road wasn't blocked off like the previous two times, that's because this crane was assembled in the center of the site.
Update from the site: looks like a lift shaft has been started
I've had one of the readers, Geoff, send a couple of photos of the site. It looks like one of the lift shafts has been started now. The side walls all appear to be reinforced too and completed too. There is a bit more excavation going on in same parts as well.
George Street closed for light rail construction…in Sydney
I happened to be in Sydney and since they have George Street as well I thought I'd have a stroll by. It looks like parts of it have been blocked for for the light rail construction.
A top down view of the second crane at the site
One of the readers, Simon, has sent this really cool photo in that shows another view of the second crane from the top looking down.
Night time works with a mobile crane, North Quay blocked off
Not sure what was going on exactly last night, but there was a mobile crane blocking off North Quay. I was hoping it would be assembling a new crane onsite, but sadly that was not the case. For a long time the mobile crane just stood there with lights off all around, it was gone by 3am.
Footage of the controlled detonation at 300 George Street
The previous post suggested that there would be a controlled detonation taking place some time at the 300 George site, well it finally happened over the weekend. I had a number of people send in footage of the detonation. Check it out.
Controlled blast planned for 300 George Street?
I've had one of the readers, Simon, send this photo in that shows what looks like preparations for a controlled blast at the excavation site. You can see in the top left corner of the photo a rig drilling holes into the rock. I can't think of any other reason for these holes apart from setting some explosives to clear the rock.
North Quay was blocked this weekend while a crane was put together
North Quay was blocked over the weekend while the construction crew put together the first crane at the construction site.
RiverFire 2015 Fireworks and Super Hornet Fly over photos and video
Here are some photos I took of the 2015 RiverFire fireworks. You can't really see the construction site in these but that's not what these are all about anyway. Enjoy!
RAAF practice flyovers in preparation for RiverFire
The RAAF Super Hornets have been doing practice flyovers around the CBD today. River Fire is tomorrow, should be a great fireworks show!
Another angle on the dig
I've had one of the readers, Kym, send this photo in. It shows an angle of the excavation that I don't usually get to see. It's amazing to think that there was a building standing here not that long ago.
A crane with an extremely long arm is excavating the site
Noticed that there is a crane with an extremely long arm doing excavation at the site. It's actually picking up the dirt from way down in the pit and loading it onto the trucks.
A short video of the excavation progress
I've had Dani send these snaps and a video in today. It looks like the excavation is down at least 3 full levels, I'm guessing it's about half way done now.
A quick snap from the air
Took this one the other week while on approach to land back in Brisbane.
Suncorp sign flies high over the construction site
I've noticed a big sign being put up on the BCC building that (currently) is standing over the construction site. It was quite obvious what this sign would be...Suncorp.
Work rolls on as the fog rolls in
Had a nice view of fog rolling in over Mount Gravatt this past Saturday morning. The work at the site is keeping on, even in these early morning hours.
Excavation deep in the pit
I've had Jasmine from The Grosvenor On George / Showbar 320 / Barber Babes, the business across the road from the 300 George Street construction site send these photos in.
An update on the excavation progress
I've asked a previous contributor Geoff to take a couple of photos from up above of the excavation at the site. It's getting harder and harder to take photos from the ground now as the site is completely fenced off now.
A checkin at the dig site
Here's a photo I found from a checkin on Facebook. It shows the dig site in its full glory.
Adelaide Street entry now in use
I was walking past the site the other night and managed to snap this picture quickly (apologies for the poor quality). It looks like the trucks are using the entrance on the Adelaide Street side now to load with the dirt being dug out.
Weekend excavation continues
The excavation continues every weekend. I took some snaps when going past the site and one from above too. Trucks are being loaded with and dirt taken away constantly. The pit is getting deeper too.
Night time works in progress
Elise has sent this photo in of the workers at the site working at night. It looks like they've started night time works. I've been past the site multiple times on the weekend too and there is a fair amount of work going on Saturdays and Sundays.
Cement trucks arriving to fill the North Quay closed footpath
It's getting harder and harder to get photos from the ground, but I was fortunate enough to snap this one from above of cement trucks arriving to bring cement to fill the North Quay footpath that's been closed off to public. It appears that the whole of North Quay side is cemented in now and used as part of the site now.
Footpaths are now closed around the site
While out for an evening walk and trying to walk past the site I noticed that the footpaths around the site are all closed to public now. The only way to get past is on George street. The North Quay and Adelaide St footpaths are completely inaccessible by foot.
A new angle on the site excavation
Here is a photo sent in by Clinton that shows the excavation site from a different angle that hasn't been shown before.
More and more digging
Here are some photos sent in by Elise.
Another aerial shot of the flooding
Thanks to Geoff, who has previously sent in photos of the site from above, here's another photo showing some of the flooding on site after the recent rains.
The dig continues
Haven't had an update for a while so I thought I'd go have a look at what's going on at the site.
More concrete and barbed wire fencing
More and more concrete is being poured in around the edges of the dig site. The side next to the overpass is getting a concrete wall now.
Flood water is out, concrete is in
The water that was flooding the dug out pit has been cleared out now and looks like there is a concrete collar going up around the perimeter of the site.
Look of flooding on site from above
I've asked a previous contributor Geoff to take another photo for me from above so we can see the flooding of the pit.
TC Marcia rains cause flooding on site, worker facilities set up
As TC Marcia batters down on Queensland there are heavy rains in the Brisbane area. It looks like this has caused the pit on site to flood. There is a water pump set up to get the water out. I've also noticed that new worker facilities have been put up on the George Street side of the site.
Police blocking the North Quay side due to Victoria Bridge closures
The North Quay part of the road around the site is closed with a police patrol car blocking the way. The closure is due to Victoria Bridge resurfacing this weekend.
Drilling and additional blue fencing erected
There's more drilling going on at the site, metal beams are also being driven into the ground. In addition, the site has a new blue fence that can't be seen through around some of the sides.
Metal beams being lifted with cranes
I had Elise send these photos in. It looks like some metal beams are being lifted with cranes, I presume these are going into the ground as a part of the foundation.
Dig site from above
One the the reader's Geoff, who has sent in photos before has shared the another photo. This one's of the dig site from up above.
Panoramic shot of the dig site
Since not much else apart from digging appears to be happening at the site, I've gone past and taken some photos to put together into a panorama shot. Here's what it came up as.
The pit is getting deeper
The pit being dug out at the site is getting deeper and deeper now. There's a ramp build for excavators to travel down now. Very little of the original building is left at the moment.
Last bits of the old court building left
There is only a small section of the old Court building left now with the rest of the site turned into an excavation site.
A nice aerial shot of the dig
One of the readers, Geoff, has sent this photo in. Taken from across the road of the excavation site. Thanks Geoff! It's hard to imagine that there will be 3 buildings in this place.
Trucks lining up along North Quay to move the dirt out
There have been trucks lining up along North Quay waiting to move the dirt out. As one truck would pull out of the site, another one would take its place.
More excavation equipment, more dirt
The old basement has been dug out now, lots of excavators onsite and the piles of dug out dirt is building higher and higher.
A hole in the ground and a ramp being built onsite
There's a developing pit in the ground now and also a ramp that's been built on one of the sides of the site.
A concreted driveway has been built on the North Quay side
As the excavation is going on, there is some construction happening too. There has been a concreted driveway put in over the weekend on the North Quay side of the site. The leftmost lane was closed during this time.
Excavation is in full swing and a new crane being assembled
Walked past the site today and saw lots of excavation going on, looks like the garden area that was on the North Quay side is being completely removed now. In addition, there are crane parts from BCF Cranes onsite now.
Super storm batters Brisbane and leaves some mark on the demolition site
After the crazy hail storm yesterday that flung ice cubes the size of a fist at high speeds, I went for a walk down towards the demolition site to see what happened there. The answer was not much, apart from lots of scattered foliage, the only real sign of damage I could see was a fence barricade that had holes punched in it by the hail.
Trees on the North Quay side have been cut down
Just as I thought the trees on the North Quay side of the site have been cut down over the weekend. Looks like they have been stripped of branches and will be used for wood too. Good to see them not wasting them.
Retaining walls on the North Quay side being demolished
The retaining walls on the North Quay side of the site are starting to be demolished. I'm guessing that garden and trees will be gone soon.
Excavation and drilling equipment onsite and in use
The last part of the building is quickly coming down now, meanwhile the excavation and drilling equipment has been moved onsite and is being used. Hopefully soon we will be looking at a big hole instead of piles of dirt.
Motorcycle parking disappearing around the site
Some of the motorbike parking spaces around the demolition site have started disappearing and are now blocked off.
No more left wing and centre sections of the building
The left wing and the centre of the building is completely torn down. The trees on the other side of the building are visible from George street now.
Nite time photos for a change
Went past the site and took some night time photos for a change.
Demolition site looking level
Had these photos sent in by Cool Lady. The demolition site is looking more and more level now. There is a big pile of rubble and concrete in the middle of the courtyard still.
Look at the demolition from the top
Thanks to my wonderful friend working in the BCC building, I have more aerial view photos to share. Looks like the demolition has moved onto the right wing of the building, big rubbles of concrete are in the courtyard waiting to be cleared out.
Inside 300 George Street demolition site
A link to these photos was shared on my Facebook page so I got in touch with Abandoned Brisbane (Urban Exploration) and asked them if I could host some of the photos they took on this blog, they agreed. These are some photos from the 300 George Street (Supreme Court) demolition site. For the full album, go to the Abandoned Brisbane Facebook page.
Left wing almost torn down
The left wing is almost torn now down. Looks like all of the levels have had some parts taken out of them.
Several levels of the left wing torn down
It was a surprise to me how quickly the left wing is being torn down, multiple levels of it have been cleared away over the course of a week it seems. Here are some photos.
More aerial photos of the demolition
I've got a friend working in the BCC building who took these photos for me. Enjoy!
Left wing being torn down
The left wing of the old Court building is being torn down more and more. Also, I've been past the site at night a few times and heard dog barking, but the K9 unit signs have been taken down some time ago.
New demolition contractor on site
Looks like a new demolition contractor has moved in now and work is continuing. A crane is set up the the courtyard area and new signs are up. The new demolition company is DECC (Demolition Environmental Civil Contractors).
Close ups of the devastation on the ground
I took these a week ago and kept on forgetting to upload them, but here they are, better late than never. These are just some shots of the devastation going on on the ground inside the demolition site.
Some view from the BCC building
This is exciting! I have a friend who works in the BCC building and so I've asked her to take some photos for me of the demolition below. Here's what I got. Enjoy!
Demolition in full swing
Demolition is in full progress now with a jackhammer excavator joining into the fray. It's really starting to feel like this building will be taken apart soon.
Fog has rolled in
There is some quite thick fog in Brisbane today, took these while on my morning run. The site is almost invisible through the fog from the opposite side of the river.
A view from above
This is a special treat, one of the readers has sent this photo in that shows a view from up above the demolition site. I can't get this kind of vantage point from the street level or from my building, so here's what it looks like directly above. Thanks so much!
Something's going on but I can't see much
I've been putting off an update for a while because I simply can't see much of what's going on. There are some more panels that have been taken down, but I'm guessing most of the work is going on inside. Here are some photos of what's visible from George Street anyway.
View from Southbank
I was walking back from Southbank the other day and took this photo of the site.
It's a big blue block
I can't really see much of what's going on with the demolition at the moment, everything is covered in scaffolding and shuttered with the blue mesh. The whole site looks like one giant blue block.
Footpath is blocked and there's water in the basement
I decided to check around the side of the building and noticed today that the footpath that is along the overpass side next to the motorbike parking is all blocked off. It also looks like there is water buildup in the basement, the are smells really damp.
Wall panels being removed
The wall panels are starting to be taken down now. These are just a few photos as I was walking past, took them on my phone because I didn't have my camera with me.
Big lift crane is in the house
I've been away for the last two weeks from Brisbane so haven't had an update, but today I went for a walk to see what's happening at 300 George and there was a crane there. Not a big deal, it's just a temporary mobile crane, but something's going on at least. I talked to some of the workers there too, apparently they won't be blowing up the building, which is a shame.
Full house! Lots of scaffolding still to go up
So I happened to be walking past today and took a quick snap of what they have in the front court yard, lots of machinery and scaffolding parts. Looks like my iPhone takes better photos than my camera. Enjoy.
Night time photos: More scaffolding up
Here's a bit of a special rare treat - night time photos of the demolition site. I thought I'd go for a walk down the block and see what's happened in the last few days and the answer is - more scaffolding has been put up. The BCC side of the building is covered in the scaffolding now, but no mesh yet. There is no action on the overpass side at all that I can see.
Facade down, gantries and scaffolding up
So the front facade that used to be at the entry to the court house is more or less ripped down now. There are partial scaffolding up around the building too and gantries are up on one side. The entire of the river facing side is covered up in blue mesh.
Expanded fencing around the site and some external concrete demolished
Something is finally happening externally at the demolition site. The fencing has been expanded around the perimeter by a fair amount, this indicates they are ready to start getting on with external demolitions. Some minor external concrete has been removed as well on the bus stop side of the building.
Not much new going on externally
Every time I go past the demolition, I don't see much new going on, it's been like that since the new year. I guess most of the work is going on inside at this point and I don't have access to that. Here are some new photos of what is there anyway.
Work resumes in the New Year
Looks like work has resumed again now in 2014. Some equipment moved around, more internal stripping done, that's all I could see from the outside.
Bobcats are in
It's been a while since the last update because I've been moving house, but I finally had a spare moment to drop by and have a look at the state of the demolition. There is a bobcat inside now, looks like the glass is being kept (according to the writing on it). From what I see it's not a huge deal of visible progress.
Fencing is all around and demolition continues
The fencing is all around the old court building now, with additional fencing put up along Adelaide St. The demolition continues too, wiring and air conditioner ducting being ripped out and dumped in piles. Apart from that the building still looks the same on the outside.
Demolition has started
When I drove past a couple of days ago, I noticed that the fencing had new signs for the demolition company on it now, so I decided to go and have a closer look. The demolition seems to be in full swing now! ...and it's noisy.
Night shots of the build site
I went by the site last night and took some photos of where the building site will be, looks like it will block the Telstra building from the Southbank side and will block the BCC building from the Coronation Drive of the Riverside Expressway.
Fencing is up
I went to have a look at the site today to see what's happening, at the moment it looks like the fencing has been up for a while and apart from that I am not seeing too much activity. So here are some photos of what I saw.